It’s been 2,5 years since we last got to put on our team uniforms and compete against our beloved derby friends at Austrian Championships. We are very happy to report that we managed to take 3rd place again and could reduce the point difference to both Vienna and Innsbruck.

Saturday morning, we started with our game against Fearless Bruisers from Innsbruck. The first halftime was a very hard fight with constant lead changes but we could start into intermission with the tight score 80:78. In the second period, Fearless Bruisers really got their game together and reminded us of the strong team they are and always were and in the end won the game with 188 points for FB and 129 for DCR.

After a short break, we played our game against Vienna Roller Derby. This was yet another extremely tight game, and Dust City Rollers could again start into half time being in the lead. We did everything to calm our nerves and keep the game together, continuing to just play our safe strategies and tactics, but in the end, the win went to Vienna Roller Derby, they scored 166 points, DCR ended the game with 156 points. After years of playing against our derby parents VRD, who did not only show us basic skills but also shared so many helpful tips on strategies with us, we could finally be a worthy opponent against them on track.

On the second game day, we only had the big finale to play against Steelcity Rollers who joined forces with SBG Knockouts. This is the game we prepared for since the last time we competed at Champs in Innsbruck and we are happy to announce that we managed to take the win with the highest score difference since our very first game – we won with 237:156. It was a tough game and we are so happy, we get to play and be challenged by you always!

Now, we need to recover from a very intense derby weekend, but we are looking forward to the next game season and also the 5th Austrian Championships – where will they take place?

Foto: Renate Schwarzmüller Viennamemories