Flat track roller derby is a full contact sport played on quad-style roller skates that revolutionized the role of women, non-binary, and gender nonconforming individuals in sports. Due to its radical inclusivity, roller derby is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. Learn more about it here.

We run beginner courses once or twice a year. No prior knowledge is required, we teach you all the necessary skills, from how to skate to how the game works. To become a team skater, you must be over 18 and identify as female, non-binary or gender nonconforming. We welcome all individuals over 18 to join us as officials (skating or non-skating). We organize Newbie Days where you can try out roller derby before signing up for the beginner course.
Contact us or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get updates on the next Newbie Day.

The dates for our on-skates trainings are Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening. We also offer off-skates training (strength, agility, fitness) on Tuesday evening. Our practices take place at different training facilities, all located in Graz.

Skaters need quad skates and protective gear (wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guards, and helmet).
We can lend you all of the above for our Newbie Day, where you can try out skating. We have sponsorship deals with and where you can order equipment at a reduced rate when you join us. We are happy to help new members with advice on their first time purchase, so they can benefit from our experience. Sometimes our skaters also have used gear to sell. Ask us about it!

There are many things you can do: the derby community not only consists of skaters! Our leage is always happy to welcome individuals interested in roller derby and help them find their place within the derby world. Some examples of things you can do are coaching/team staff, officiating, help to organize our events or support us as a fan. Contact us and we will get you started!

Absolutely! We frequently host home bouts and public scrimmages in Graz or travel to other cities to play roller derby and we’d love to have your support in the audience. Check our events page to see what we are up to or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for regular updates.

As with many roller derby teams, our name is a wordplay on something representative for our hometown. We are located in Graz/Austria, which is infamously known for its fine dust pollution due to its geographical basin location. Of course we are not happy about the pollution and don’t mean to celebrate it with our name, but rather understand it as a snide remark on the situation.
Our team cheer is “Eat my Dust!”.

We bring our merchandise with us to team events. We can also post items like t-shirts or bags, contact us if you are interested.

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