On October 12th, 2019, two fabulous games took place in Linz. The Steelcity Rollers hosted a double header with the hosts facing Vienna Beasts und the Dusties playing Rolling Thunder Augsburg.

The first bout of the fall season after our summer break and an intensive couple of weeks back in training was exciting! In bright sunshine outside, the Rolling Thunders and us were the first ones on the track. After we managed to work together as a focused team in both half-times, we won the game with 140 to 83 points. What an amazing start in the new season!

In the second game of the day, the hosts Steelcity Rollers met Vienna Beasts, which the Beasts could win in a really strong duel with 211 to 81 points. Thanks to the great game Rolling Thunder Augsburg! And also a big thanks to our hosts Steelcity Rollers and also to our two rhino guests from SBG KNOCKouts.

Paul Wimmer