The third and last spring season bout was a home bout again. On June 29th, 2019 we faced Roller Derby Ljubljana. After a successful first half, which ended with 91 to 35 points for the Dusties, we managed to beat our roller derby besties and fierce enemies for the first time with 135 to 98 points.

On a very hot summer day, we managed to beat our roller derby besties Roller Derby Ljubljana. We won against them for the first time, so it was a memorable moment for us.

Thank you, Roller Derby Ljubljana, for coming and playing against us! We’re looking forward to seeing you again on track, either in the same team, when we help each other out, or as opponents. 

Also a big thank you goes to our amazing referees and NSO crew, Lizz Blizz from Vienna Roller Derby for playing on our team, Chris Crocodile for announcing and Claudia Rinofner for the photos and of course all our lovely fans. 

What a great season for the Dust City Rollers! We’re really happy to report that we’ve won all three games this season. It was a great pleasure to observe the amazing developments of individual skaters and as a team. We couldn’t have done it without the help of the skaters from other teams who helped us out – so thank you again for that!

Claudia Rinofner